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Sabrina: The Dark Specter (Book 2) Update 07/07/2017

Second Installment of the Sabrina Trilogy
Release Date: TBA
Now that I’m finally finished with Book one, I can invest all of my time and energy into the sequel. I’m about halfway through Chapter 3 on Book 1’s sequel Sabrina: The Dark Specter. So far, This book is nothing short of amazing. As action packed as The Fall Of An Alliance is, The Dark Specter will explore the world of Transhumans. Origins will be explained. Berry will attempt the same village rigorous training that killed his brother. Ace, Robert and the rest of the team will be tested in a way they never have before. The mystery explained in the inside The Fall Of An Alliance Bonus Chapter(which is actually the Prequel chapter in the Dark Specter book) will begin to unravel. You don’t want to miss this exciting installment! I’m aiming to release the book during summer of 2018.